Cake trimming

cake trimming

I was wondering how many of you out there trim your cake edges so that the darker crumb does no show. I have never done it, and was curious  Trimming Cake Edges And Upside Buttercream Technique - Cake.
Trimming the tops and bottoms off of your cake rounds lets you moisten the cake layers with a sugar syrup. This adds sweetness and flavor, and keeps the cake.
Avoid stacking uneven layers of cake. Instead, for a stable cake with beautiful flat layers, trim each layer of cake to have an even, flat top before.


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DOES LIGHT CORN SYRUP GO BAD If there's signficant doming, you risk cracking the cake like patmo said. Cake trimming the cake from the freezer just before you are ready to work with it. They stuck a fancy handle on it so they could charge more…. Beef Cooking Cake trimming Chicken Cooking Times Cooking Temperature and Time Food 50th birthday cookie bouquet Ham Cooking Times Lamb Cooking Times Pork Cooking Times Turkey Cooking Times. This method keeps you from dragging which creates rippled, uneven cuts. How-to Cakes - Trim and Torte or Slice into Layers.

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Detailed answers to any questions you might have. When I shave the crust I just "shave" the outer edge to remove the outer crust, it takes very little product.