Tall cake carrier

tall cake carrier

Hi, I am looking to purchase a good quality cake carrier - one that I can use for a tall layered cake, not a tiered cake. Just a basic good carrier.
Buy Better Home and Garden Clear Cake Carrier at sandysbakingmemories.com Is it tall enough to put a Bundt cake on the top, with room for cupcakes on the bottom?.
For anyone who's ever cradled a cake in their lap on a three-hour road trip or struggled to pack a dozen cupcakes Progressive International 9x13 Cake Carrier, $25 from sandysbakingmemories.com It's a little short for tall cakes though.

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Hufflepuff birthday Gumpaste Hydrangeas Tall cake carrier Wires With A Pearl In The. Ended up returning this item. I keep a few sheets of it in the storage compartment in my van. Ask questions in the forums. These carriers are all super sturdy and ready to be tucked into the back seat for a long trip. It handles extra tall cupcakes perfectly. I can't believe they have it for so cheap!
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tall cake carrier


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