Transporting wedding cakes

transporting wedding cakes

The best practices for inspecting, carrying, and transporting your cake to keep it in prime condition before your event.
Everytime I deliver a wedding cake, I get super nervous. I always box the tiers separately and stack them on site. The tiers are on a cardboard.
If you are planning to bake your own wedding cake, you will also have to contend with transporting it to the wedding venue. Some wedding cake designers may.

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Best Brand Of Butter For Buttercream? She also said they have a large fridge at the airport to hold the cake in "just in case". Use plate system. Animal jam cakes transport a cake unboxed, choose strong cake boxes to store the cakes. Is there a place that sells wooden cirles for cakes? transporting wedding cakes

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How many tiers high and how big? I have one to do Columbus Day weekend for my brother. The whole project was a test of my patience, but also a great lesson of physics and construction. Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


Cake Decorating : What I use to support cakes and transport cakes