Two tier fondant cake price

two tier fondant cake price

For a 2 tier fondant cake I would expect I just started making cakes and I charge $75 for friends (with pretty much no profit, my time is free).
So I decided to give someone a good deal i think on a 2 tier all fondant and let's not forget 4 angry bird fondant figures I have to make along.
See cake pricing and additional options. Get an estimate for custom Pricing Cake -ulator 2 Cake Shape & Size. Cake Shape. Round Square Tiered Custom. two tier fondant cake price Two tiered cake with large rosettes on the bottom tier and a Select options · Animal Print Tiered Cake. Celebrate a new baby or little one's birthday with this.
As with real estate, the price of cakes varies widely by location and is largely that a good way to price cakes is to charge for the cost of ingredients times 2 (or 3). . and sometimes custom work like fondant or gumpaste toppers or figurines.
The cost of handmade gumpaste flowers, bows or other decorations are in addition to the cost of the cake. Prices are subject to change. Cakes that are 2 tiers.