White rum vs dark rum

white rum vs dark rum

White rum vs dark rum the rum is an alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane by products such as molasses.
So my question is, should I go for a light or dark rum? Since I .. I know its not white, but it doesn't seem to be a dark rum either. Could it be.
Do you know the difference between a dark rum and black rum? Light rum is also known as white or silver rum and has nearly no color and a light flavor. white rum vs dark rum


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White rum vs dark rum - shopping

But these days, hard-core mixologists are making tiki drinks, and you can pick up sugarcane juice as complex and delicious as a single malt for much less cash. Those who choose a rum by color are fooling themselves only. The rum is aged in casks of various materials which determine its final color. Unlike the barrels used for dark rum, however, these are not charred. Amber rums have a richer, more complex flavor than white rum but are not as rich as true.
I bought a bottle of regular Bacardi Rum then got home and noticed the recipe calls for Dark Rum. Do i need to go back and exchange it or will.
Rum used to be either Harsh and White or Harsh and Spiced. them the heft and body of their darker brethren without the oaky taste and color.