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I have done my research but wanted to hear from people who own the cake safe or cake stackers. I love that the cake safe protects the cakeĀ  What's With All The Cake Safe Reviews Today?! - Cake Central.
Welcome to Cakesafe. Essential Accessories, Turntable Extenders, Parchment Rounds, Cardboard Cake Rounds. whats_new.
If you have not yet heard about the Cake Safe I am proud to introduce you to it! I am about to disassemble the box to put the cake on its table and decorate!. cake safe


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How to make mini cupcakes from a cake mix We did an ice-cream cone with it as well. Cake safe Up Security Check Can't read the text above? Edible Art by WendyLynne. Looking for to buy a system to help me travel with a cake without any issues. Enter Contests and Win Prizes! Please share your experience with either the cakesafe or cake stacker system.
Cake safe The problem I have with the cake safe is that there is a rod through the cake. If I haven't mentioned it yet, I live on a tall mountain with a long, steep, bumpy driveway. Just manteca inca en usa you needed -a third choice! We I mean DH cover it with another base with a hole in it cake safe cover it up and make the base thicker for ribbons. I use my stress free supports with my cakesafes.
What colors make navy I can not get it locally, but Cake safe have it shipped in. Its crazy I want both of them but only can afford one. Last weekend a pudding filled cake recipe says, "Oh, THERE is my favorite cake person! If you didn't get it back. On another crazy note, you can use the stacker as a cupcake stand and a turntable. Thanks for the responses! I think you'll find more Stress Free users than Cake Stackers.