Cookies and cream wedding cake

cookies and cream wedding cake

This cake is was really fun to make and that is because it was for one of my good friend's wedding. I rarely bake for weddings or big events.
Need wedding ideas? Check out this buttercream-covered cookies and cream wedding cake and see more inspirational photos on
Recipe and instructions on how to make cookies and cream filling for wedding cakes, sculpted cakes, and all occasion layer cakes by Wicked Goodies.


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Cookies and cream wedding cake - the

The cake can be kept at room temperature if being served the same day. I wanted to cover the cake in a frosting that was more fudge-like than fluffy or buttery, and definitely succeeded on that front. The cream when chilled is firm and creamy like the ever famous filling. Substitute eggs in cake they both love dessert, they also had lemon bars, strawberry pie and chocolate chip cookies. They're all over Pinterest. Your best friend had one at her wedding. But the naked cake trend you're seeing everywhere is actually really easy.
If you like cookies-and-cream ice cream, you'll love this cake. Chocolate sandwich cookies are mixed into the batter and pressed into the sweet and creamy.
I do not really want our wedding cake to be made from OREO cookies, but I think that this could be a really cool .. Cookies and Cream Cake @createdbydiane. cookies and cream wedding cake