Toasted marshmallow frosting recipe

toasted marshmallow frosting recipe

This icing is the kind you liked to stick your finger in the bowl for when you were a kid. For anyone with a sweet tooth and a blowtorch.
Inspired by i-heart-baking's delicious looking cupcakes, we put together this recipe for toasted marshmallow frosting. Michelle used toasted marshmallow.
Moist chocolate cupcakes are topped with a marshmallow and broiled into tasty, Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting Recipe - The lemon lovers in your life. toasted marshmallow frosting recipe

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How many cups of flour in a 10 lb bag It is amazingly delicious- tastes just like a fresh roasted marshmallow! We have to blame someone — right? This recipe makes plenty of frosting, so be generous when topping the cupcakes and use any extra to brush embroidery on buttercream off a cup of hot chocolate or a scoop of ice cream. More Holidays and Events. Anyway, the cupcakes look adorable and delicious!!!
Toasted marshmallow frosting recipe Press the marshmallows into the cupcakes to cover the whole top using the back of a spoon. Make sure to take egg whites out to come to room temperature To pipe on cupcakes, fill a pastry bag with a piping tip and pipe frosting on as preferred. But your finished cupcakes look worth the trouble and mess…simply gorgeous! I LOVE this recipe, but I didn't see it necessary to use vanilla and marshmallow fluff to the frosting recipe. Gorgeous Maureen — you nailed that icing… really makes me think of marshmallows! Using a kitchen torch, lightly brown the frosting, taking care toasted marshmallow frosting recipe to burn the cupcake liners.
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These are really good! These cupcakes were absolutely delicious!! Newest Blue Ribbon Recipes. A couple of notes: I use unsalted butter, and canned sweet potato puree works great if you don't want to cook and mash fresh ones. Just A Pinch Food Group. I will definitely re.