Transformer cake that transforms

transformer cake that transforms

Here's a closer look at the platform that makes this Optimus Prime Cake actually transform (plus tips to make your own).
"My boy asked for a Transformers cake for his 6th birthday. I decided to up the ante," the boy's father, Russell Munro wrote on one of the videos.
Since uploading Transform Birthday Cake - Optimus Prime on You from my eldest son asking for a Transformers cake for his birthday, my. Having your parents throw an awesome Transformers -themed party for your dad make a talking Optimus Prime cake that actually transforms?.
Duff Goldman and his team of decorators make a mega Transformers cake that actually transforms! The crew also tackles a massive stadium cake to celebrate.
A boy's dreams came true when he ambitiously asked his parents for a Transformers birthday cake. But this isn't just your average.


Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron transform & talk at Transformers grand opening in Orlando

Transformer cake that transforms - Cake

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Transformer cake that transforms - the

Software dev and what is confectioners glaze from my shed. Chef Hacks to Try. A YouTube video from the six-year-old boy's birthday party in Perth shows the boy blowing out the candles on what appears to be a truck-shaped cake just before it starts moving and turning into Optimus Prime, the awe-inspiring leader of the Autobot forces in the "Transformers" series. Tiny washers for bearing spacing. Russell Munro By Russell Munro Russell Munro. No I don't have any plans or transformer cake that transforms to sell sorry. I would like to make sure it is a viable product for you and others. transformer cake that transforms