What does butterscotch taste like

what does butterscotch taste like

What's the difference between butterscotch, salted caramel, and dulce It does really does taste a lot like butterscotch, but is most likely butter.
omg i love butterscotch pudding its hard to decsribe the taste sandysbakingmemories.com you ever cream butter and sugar when you were baking something? it kinda.
They are very similar, but they do taste different when you make them. I don't know if the can didn't burst. The contents did taste like caramel. Liquors that don't taste like alcohol.

What does butterscotch taste like - would proud

Chill butterscotch sauce in a non-reactive container with a tightly fitting lid only after sauce has chilled completely. Butterscotch Pudding: recipes from other food blogs and Shuna's recipe for butterscotch pudding. All photos and content are copyright protected. Evidently, if a can of sweetened condensed milk is left alone long enough, it will turn into a caramel-like substance on its own. what does butterscotch taste like


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