Cake stacking systems

cake stacking systems

How Stable is your tiered cake? Stable Mabel systems are a great way to help ensure a safe delivery while using a time saving assembly. There are two Stable.
The Sturdy Cake Stacker is a simple & cost effective cake support system for wedding cakes & tiered cakes. Stop cake disasters, buy securely.
Created by the professionals at CakeStackers, the Genesis is for home makers, so you, too, can make that multi. Cake Stands for Professionals and Home Bakers. Cake Stackers™ cake stands offer the latest cake stacking system for every cake decorator large or small,  ‎ Round Cake Stand Sets · ‎ Instructional Videos · ‎ Cake Gallery · ‎ Cupcake Stands.
Create Two Tier Stacked Cakes for cake sizes 6" & 8" round.,Used by Professional Bakers.,Set . For some reason, I didn't realize that this system is disposable.
This system allows you to build your cake from the bottom tier up for a more secure construction. Create a secure center support for stacked cakes using interlocking rods. For Center Core Rods, add up the height of all cakes plus cake circles.

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Repeat to stack remaining cakes. Tengo Pregunta Para Evelinpr Judy.

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Foamcore sometimes on the bottom tier if its really large, skull cake images even a wood hardboard under that for really big cakes, or fondant cakes, where the legs could cause dents in the foamcore. And you're right Norie I didn't need a third option.