Can you use bread flour instead of all purpose flour

can you use bread flour instead of all purpose flour

Understanding how to substitute bread flour and the likely result when you 're Bread flour may be used in place of all - purpose flour in equal.
In my experience I would use 7.5 ounces of Cake flour to 0.5 ounce of Bread flour . Can you believe I didn't know the answer to this question? Also, bread flour will absorb more liquid than all - purpose, so your dough might be a little too dry.
It depends what you are baking and how you handle it. he reason bread flour is different is the higher protein content, which translates to more gluten if you work.


Difference between Regular Flour and Bread Flour - Regular Flour VS Bread Flour The same recipe, made the exact same way, can come out completely differently every time. If you substitute bread flour for all - purpose flour, you can definitely.
Editor: Bread flour has more protein content than all - purpose, which helps with gluten You 'll notice some difference in crumb and texture with breads made with each flour, but the flours can generally be substituted for one another. I tend to exclusively use AP flour, too! 1 tbsp per cup is the substitute.
People often ask us why we only used all - purpose flour (where we called for You can always swap bread flour into our recipes that call for. can you use bread flour instead of all purpose flour